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In cricket, wicketkeeping is the second most important position after bowling. It is only with the support of the wicketkeeper that a bowler can deliver the best balls, keeps batsmen in check, and take wickets. A smart wicker keeper can anticipate the speed and direction of the ball and get ready to catch the ball.

You know the best cricket teams, batsmen, bowlers, and even fielders. But do you know who the best wicketkeepers are? Today wicket keepers are also good batsmen. They take wickets and make runs as well. MS Dhoni is the best example of a wicketkeeper-batsman.

Here I’m listing the top 10 wicket keepers of the world

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10. Denesh Ramdin (West Indies)

Born: 13 March 1985, Couva, Trinidad and Tobago

Role: Wicketkeeper/right-handed batsman

Tests/ODI: 74/139

Runs: 2898/2200

100s/50s: 4/15 and 2/8

Top Score: 166/169

Catches/Stumpings: 205/12 and 181/7

Denesh Ramdin is a multitalented wicketkeeper-batsman with excellent glove work and batting skills. In batting, he holds the record of making the highest 169 runs by any wicketkeeper in an ODI in West Indies cricket. In Tests, he is credited for making second highest 166 runs. Also, he comes third in dismissals after the legendary West Indies wicketkeepers Jeff Dujon and Ridley Jacobs.

9. Jeff Dujon (West Indies)

Born: 28 May 1956, Kingston, British Jamaica

Role: Wicketkeeper/right-handed batsman

Bowling: Right-arm medium pace

Tests/ODI: 81/169

Runs: 3322/1945

100s/50s: 5/16 and 0/6

Top Score: 139/82

Catches/Stumpings: 267/5 and 183/21

Jeff Dujon is one of the few wicketkeepers known for exceptional wicket keeping skills. There was a time when batsmen were scared of playing in front of Jeff Dujon because he never missed an opportunity to stump batsmen. Also, he was a reliable middle-order batsman who could easily add more runs to the score.

8. Brad Haddin (Australia)

Born: 23 October 1977, Cowra, New South Wales 

Role: Wicketkeeper/right-handed batsman

Tests/ODI: 66/126

Runs: 3366/3122

100s/50s: 7/18 and 2/16

Top Score: 169/110

Catches/Stumpings: 262/8 and 170/11

Brad Haddin was a proud member of the World Cup-winning squad of Australia at both the 2007 and the 2015 Cricket World Cup. Also, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that his impactful presence behind the stumps helped Australia win the Cricket World Cup twice. His fine wicket-keeping skills and batting style made him invaluable to the Australian team.

7. Rod Marsh (Australia) 

Born: 4 November 1947, Armadale, Western Australia 

Died: 4 March 2022, Adelaide, South Australia

Role: Wicketkeeper/left-handed batsman

Bowling: Right-arm off break

Tests/ODI: 96/92

Runs: 3633/1225

100s/50s: 3/16 and 0/4

Top Score: 132/66

Catches/Stumpings: 343/12 and 120/4

Rod Marsh was one of the earliest breeds of wicket keepers who set standards for the future generation of cricketers. Rod Marsh set a record of wicket-keeping 355 dismissals in 96 Tests for the future wicketkeepers. Also, he made the top score of 132 in Tests.

6. Quinton De Kock (South Africa)

Born: 17 December 1992, Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa 

Role: Wicketkeeper/left-handed batsman

Tests/ODI: 54/140

Runs: 3300/5966

100s/50s: 6/22 and 17/19

Top Score: 141/178

Catches/Stumpings: 221/11 and 183/14

South Africa has produced several great cricketers and Quinton De Kock is one of them. A wicket-keeper-batsman, Quinton De Kock is known for his aggressive playing style. He displayed excellent wicket-keeping skills with his gloves and took amazing shots with his bat. He took wickets and scored centuries for the Australian team. Also, he is experienced in all formats of cricket including T20.

5. Ian Healy (Australia)

Born: 30 April 1964, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 

Role: Wicketkeeper/right-handed batsman

Tests/ODI: 119/168

Runs: 4356/1764

100s/50s: 4/22 and 0/4

Top Score: 161/56

Catches/Stumpings: 366/29 and 194/39

Ian Healy was called a specialist wicketkeeper because of his lightning-fast reflexes and agility to take catches and stump batsmen. Also, he was a reliable middle-order batsman capable of strengthening the score. He has made four centuries in Tests. Ian Healy had leadership qualities and his contribution to his team extended beyond wicketkeeping. His presence gave confidence to bowlers and fielders.

4. Kumara Sangakkara (Sri Lanka)

Born: 27 October 1977, Matale, Sri Lanka 

Role: Wicketkeeper/left-handed batsman

Bowling: Right-arm off break

Tests/ODI: 134/404

Runs: 12400/14234

100s/50s: 28/52 and 25/93

Top Score: 319/169

Catches/Stumpings: 182/20 and 402/99

Kumara Sangakkara has left an indelible mark on the cricket history of Sri Lanka with his excellent wicket-keeping and batting skills. He was a marvelous cricketer both behind and in front of the wickets. When standing behind the wickets, he dismissed batsmen and when playing in front of the wickets, he dismissed balls.

3. MS Dhoni (India)

Born: 7 July 1981, Ranchi, Bihar (present-day Jharkhand), India 

Role: Wicketkeeper/right-handed batsman

Bowling: Right-arm medium

Tests/ODI: 90/350

Runs: 4876/10773

100s/50s: 3/33 and 10/73

Top Score: 224/183

Catches/Stumpings: 256/38 and 321/123

MS Dhoni is a successful cricketer. He brought World Cup for India and made the Indian cricket team a force to reckon with. He is a great wicketkeeper but he is known for his batting skills. It is during his captaincy that India won the 2007 ICC World Twenty20, the 2011 Cricket World Cup, and the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy.

2. Adam Gilchrist (Australia)

Born: 14 November 1971, Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia 

Role: Wicketkeeper/left-handed batsman

Tests/ODI: 96/287

Runs: 5570/9619

100s/50s: 17/26 and 16/55

Top Score: 204/172

Catches/Stumpings: 379/37 and 417/55

Adam Gilchrist deserves to be called a revolutionary wicketkeeper because of his aggressive wicket-keeping style and explosive batting. He was one of the finest wicketkeepers and one of the best batsmen. In wicketkeeping, he holds the record for most dismissals by a wicketkeeper in ODI.

1. Mark Boucher (South Africa)

Born: 3 December 1976, East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa 

Role: Wicketkeeper/right-handed batsman

Bowling: Right-arm medium

Tests/ODI: 147/295

Runs: 5515/4686

100s/50s: 5/35 and 1/26

Top Score: 125/147

Catches/Stumpings: 532/23 and 403/22

An exceptional wicketkeeper, Mark Boucher holds the record for most dismissals by a wicketkeeper in Test cricket. also, he was a great batsman as evident from his runs. He has made five centuries in Tests and 26 half-centuries in ODI.

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