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Online casinos offer an entertaining way of making quick money. The bigger the cash prize, the more exciting the visit is.  Online casinos have witnessed several rags to riches story. These have seen people becoming millionaires overnight and, in several cases, losing it all too. Some were the matter of pure luck, while others resulted from genius planning and strategizing. Let’s talk about the highest wins in online casino history in this blog, that made the breaking news.

  1. Crazy win at Mega Moolah

The setting was a slot game where a British Soldier took home the massive amount. It is estimated that that fateful spin earned the player a phenomenal success at a slot game. The luck really smiled at him at Mega Moolah and he won 23.6 million dollars. 

This slot is the game adaption of Alice in Wonderland. The version where this jackpot happened had 5 reels and about 243 ways to win. It is designed by Microgaming. The player Jon Heywood had just returned back from the duty in Afghanistan and planned spending some time at the online casino Betway. He played 25 pence spin bet and that converted into 20.1 mn dollars. Jon was smart enough not to try winning more amount again and just stopped after winning this massive booty.

  1. Mega Moolah again

Mega Moolah can be established as one of the most promising jackpots wins provider. This slot machine churned out a massive win of 23.5 million dollars in the year 2018. Thus, it can be branded the most rewarding jackpot roll-out. The win also earned the player a place in the Guinness World Record book. The bet size was only $0.75 per spin. The site of action was Grand Mondial Online casino. This win is placed among the highest wins in online casino history.

  1. Mega Fortune jackpot of $21 million

This is the classic story of making a big booty at jackpot. The game Mega Fortune won a player from Finland a staggering amount of $21 million. This game was designed by Net Entertainment. The casino name was PAF where this miracle happened. The man put on stake 25% bet on a progressive slot game. It was the biggest jackpot ever from Net Entertainment. The player both laughed and cried when the screen showed him a massive win of $21 million.

  1. $11.6 at Mega Moolah again

If we go by the winners in this article, we can safely suggest someone, “Please play Mega Moolah.” The game again makes to the list of the highest wins in online casino History. This time the lucky winner was a player D.P. from the U.K. He picked Mega Moolah online slot machine to pass the time and placed a bet of about $1.5. All this happened on his mobile phone which he used for playing online casino. This small bet won him a $11.6m jackpot.

The win has made it clear that you need not spend massive amounts to get entry to the jackpot. Instead, play regularly and steadily to get picked for the jackpot, which in some cases is also not required. The machine prompted them to play jackpot after just a few spins.

  1. Arabian Knights yielded $11.6mn

Again, it was the slot machine where the magic happened! The slot game Arabian Knights saw this fateful spin made by a gambler from Norway. He played the slot machine at the Betsson, an online casino at the US. Betsson is not easily available the US, but the man found it for spending some time at the slot machines. This fateful spinning at a rarely found online casino at Betsson fetched him one of the highest wins in online casino history – $11.6mn. The game Arabian Knights is developed by NetEnt, an established casino game development company.

  1. Mega Fortune 24$ mn

A Finnish player bagged a handsome amount of $24million on playing Mega Fortune and made a big fortune at an online casino. Visiting online casino can be a game-changing moment in your life, all these wins tell you so. The player in the news made a bet of only $0.25 per spin. He was an ardent player of online poker. The massive win just boost his confidence and he can still be seen logged in at the online casinos trying to make more money from his passion – online poker.

  1. $7.4 million at Mega Moolah

The history was made on one 17th June by Rawiri Pou who chose Mega Moolah slot game for fun. He was certainly not looking for more than some fun, but ended up becoming a millionaire in a few minutes of spending time at the slot machine. His bet one him lots of NZ dollars that equaled $7.4 USD. When interviewed about what he will do with the money won, he said he will spend it on family.

  1. DP won $8.82 million

DP was initials chosen by a mystery girl like many players do. But not all have the luck as DP. She used her iPad to login at about 50 best casinos. She chose Zodiac casino to play the jackpot offer. The game was once again Mega Moolah. Her deposit was just 1 USD and it won him a staggering payout of $8.82 mn. She had become so famous due to her win that someone wrote a book on her and the win she recorded at Mega Moolah.

  1. Mid-night student won $13.3 million

A student of Norway origin had problem sleeping in night. So, he decided to spin some reels on the slot game one night. His luck smiled at him at the midnight hour and he bagged around US$13.3mn. He definitely would not have thanked insomnia more.

Wrapping up,

With Mega Moolah grabbing many slots at the highest wins in online casino history, it is worth suggesting to everyone to spin its wheels once. The slot games are a matter of randomness and pure luck. There is no rule to be followed, as the list contains people who did not spend more than a dollar or wagered regularly