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To err is human and the casino gambler is no exception. The only difference is the mistakes of gamblers cost them heavily. Some travel riches to rags in one spin of the wheel, and at worse, they even face the legal charges due to inability to pay the debt. Hence, it is very much important to be the master of the craft, especially when the craft involves money. 

From selecting the game to choosing the casino online, there is risk involved. So, more aware you are as a casino gambler the better for you. While choosing the casino gambling site, you must assure that the site is completely trustworthy and has all features in place. There should not be any issue as regards to the speed at which the pages unfold or the payment is processed. All these factors should be well-researched before registering. 

And if at all you register, start with a small amount to get the experience. Before all this, we suggest you go through this article till end to find the top 10 mistakes casino gamblers make.

  1. Binge gambling without taking a break

A break in every activity is important. It refreshes your mind. It also allows you to think differently than before. Also, it helps make decisions using a better perspective. But, none of this happen if you go on gambling in a binge mode. The binge gamblers or those addicted to casino gambling place bets one after the other and don’t leave the tables till, they are left with the last penny.

It is not a wise way to bet. To work better on the strategy, or to wait for the right opportunity to come, you must take a break from the gambling process. Thankfully, in the case of online casinos, there is an opportunity to keep an eye on the hours passed by as the devices have the clocks to refer to. So, you can keep an account of the hours spent at the Baccarat table or that slot machine. Thus, you can avoid mistake of betting non-stop and losing money by keeping an eye on the time spent.

  1. Gambling with ridiculously positive mindset

It is a good habit to proceed in any chore with a positive mindset, but gambling may not be the right activity for this kind of thinking. Your over-confidence and assumption of the fact that your moves will always result in a win can be detrimental to your betting account. There are bad days for a gambler, and you must accept this fact and stop betting when you start losing one bet after the other. 

As a bettor, you must know when not to gamble. The losses are the signs that the day chosen is not your day, and so, you must call it a day a bit early graciously and make a comeback some other time. It is advisable to make  a mental note of what situations caused a loss. So, next time, when you try betting, you can sense the situation and make a better decision.

  1. Gambling to feed the ego

When luck smiles at you, you tend to become a bit audacious. You start making big decisions, and take undue chances. If you follow the same thought process while gambling too, you are simply feeding your ego. And that is actually a big mistake.

No matter how big the offer is, you must understand the situation thoroughly first. Sometimes, just to show off the winnings or to maintain the reputation among people, some gamblers start participating in jackpot rounds. It is worth understanding that bigger the amount required to bet, higher is the possibility of house advantage playing its role. 

Thus, instead of chasing big numbers, it is advisable to score wins of small amounts and stay in the game. Instead of feeding the ego, feed the mind with the proper statistics and then decide whether to bet or not.

  1. Chasing losses is a common mistake

What emerges from the mistake no 3 is another mistake and that is – chasing the losses. ‘How can I lose the bet; I will bet double the amount this time and make up the previous loss.’ Many gamblers start betting with this mentality and suffer more losses than they should have. 

The decision to bet or not should emerge from statistical analysis and prior experience. Also, you must not double the bet in the hope of making up for the previous loss. Instead, take a break and then choose the strategy that works for you mostly. 

While selecting the bet, make sure you know how the game works. Focus from the strategy chosen should not waiver. Also, if a strategy is not working, chasing the loss arising from it is not an option worth trying.

  1. Trying all games without knowledge

The gamblers tend to participate in each and every game without gathering much information about the same. Actually, it is not their fault entirely. Casinos design games in a very captivating manner and its gameplay looks quite relatable. The bonus is provided for trying new games too. It takes the pressure off the mind of the gamblers and they become quite experimental in their approach. 

Practically, it is not possible to master every game available in a casino. Hence, choosing games and staking on them without much though is among the top 10 mistakes casino gamblers make. It turns out to be a mistake when the betting account starts showing the loss. It is better to learn the game completely, discuss it with like-minded individuals and gather as much knowledge as possible before placing the bet.

  1. Not paying attention to free games

Though it may sound rare, it is a thing of common occurrence. Gamblers take staking money on casino games as a matter of pride; keeping such attitude is one of the top 10 mistakes casino gamblers make. With this mindset, they think free games are not meant for them. A common notion is that free games don’t result in winning any money. So, these are not considered worth the try. 

By doing so, the gamblers lose a shining opportunity of getting the feel of the game. The free turns can help the gamblers practice the game before starting to spend the real money on it. Thus, not trying free games is a mistake that the gamblers must contemplate upon.

  1. Participating in a big competition with little experience

There are certain casino games whose jackpots are organized on a large scale. The announcements are made and entries are asked for as well beforehand. These tournaments demand a lot of money for staking; also, the participants should have gathered experience and knowledge about the game completely. Clearly, these are not meant for amateurs.

But what happens is that novice gamblers also get attracted to these competitions and they participate but with little knowledge in hand. It turns out to be a farce attempt where the end result is loss only most of the times.

The correct approach is to gather the relevant knowledge about the game for which the jackpot is organized. Also, observing how others have fared by designing their moves is also required to understand the gameplay better.

  1. Giving into the desire of winning games with big house advantage

Any feat becomes fun to conquer if you get it with a lot of difficulty. One of the biggest challenges is that of the house advantage. While the games with low house advantage are tad easy to win due to less onus on the casino, those with bigger house advantage are more fun to win. But that fun does not come easy. It is quite risky.

The gamblers with higher risk appetite start vying for such games and end up losing a lot more than they bargained for. Taking risks is not new to the world of casino games. But, placing every bet on the big house advantage games costs a lot of money and may throw the gambler out of the game. Thus, taking uncalculated risks is one of the top 10 mistakes casino gamblers make.

Thus, the gamblers should try these games only when they have a lot of experience speculating the outcome. People usually don’t follow such pattern and stake money by considering the high house advantage only.

  1. Betting in an inebriated state

Drinking alcohol clouds judgement which leads to making erroneous decisions. Betting requires attentive state of mind and the ability of cracking the code of breaking the factor of randomness. In cards games, the high possibility of any hand can be misjudged in an inebriated state. 

Similarly in other casino games, one can miss the way the patterns are formed. The good trick is to try the free slot games first. And most importantly, it is better not to mix drinking and betting.

10.Continue betting in hope of increasing revenue

Mostly, the casino gamblers don’t quit after scoring a few wins. It is the most common mistake ever made. A gambler may make a solid start by winning some low house edge games or the games that have a smaller pay-out. And sometimes, calling it a day and going home smiling is the best call taken. But that does not happen often. The gamblers give in to the addictive nature of the casino betting and keep staking amount on games one after the other. It ultimately ends in the losses and parting with the money just earned.

What can be done to avoid mistakes at casino gambling?

There is no sure shot formula that can help stay clear of the charm of casino games; self-discipline is the best trick that helps gamblers take up the profitable route. Apart from self-discipline, here are a few good suggestions to try:

  1. It is not easy to make a casino go bankrupt. So, don’t participate in a million-dollar jackpot or any other big bounties announced. These are announced only to encourage the investments from the gamblers.
  2. Take up gambling just as a way to entertain yourself and not as a profession. Luck never is on your side always, so, find ways to beat the addiction.
  3. As per the experience of some of the bettors, there are a few games where the chance to win is quite low. Bingo, Keno and lottery are not the good choices to bet upon as the winning percentage is quite low.
  4. Set aside the betting budget just like you do for other avenues of entertainment. When you do so, make it a point to stick to the budget and practice self-discipline.
  5. Try to register at 3 to 4 casinos sites. And collect as many bonuses as possible. But, do understand the wagering requirements. The bonuses are not meant for filling your account but for encouraging you to try betting with additional funds in hand. 
  6. Learn to be happy with small wins too. Collecting a few wins now and then can help your account stay built up. It boosts morale as well as the financial status.
  7. Staying loyal to the casino sites is not a good strategy. Casino sites may have different loyalty programs. So, you must avail the opportunities offered at various casino gambling sites and keep their repertoire filled up.
  8. Learn the art of managing the bankroll. You must know how much you can keep for stake and don’t bet only because your peer is.
  9. Know your favorite strategy and apply it whenever you think the situation is tilted in your favor. Identify the games where you have always won and try to create a basket so that the returns can be multiplied. 

Summing up,

The mistakes made at the casino sites pinch a lot because the money is at the stake. If the gambler learns the trick of the betting at casinos games, their entertainment factor does not fade away soon. So, practice, experience and perseverance are needed to ensure that you make fewer mistakes and win big at casino gambling.