How To Win Football Betting Every Day?

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Lucky are those that win soccer betting every day, but you can also become a lucky bettor if you know the secret behind winning football bets.

Let’s search for the secret of winning bets

First, you should know that winning bets every day aren’t winning regularly. You need to be a disciplined player to win bets. The first job is to become choosey about bets so you miss no opportunity to win a bet.

Choosing a bet….

Matched betting will be a good start. Here you can take advantage of free bets offered by bookies and you will be surprised to know that almost every bookmaker offers free bets. Matched betting is a sure-shot win because here you can lay an opposite bet to cover the loss.

Over/Under 2.5 goals is also a great option to start betting. If you know the contestants of the match you are betting on, you can easily make an opinion on whether the total score of the match will be over/under 2.5 goals. It is easy to win a bet if you know how the clubs contesting in the match play.

No Draw bet is also a good option to become a winner. You can narrow down your options by removing draws from the options and increase your chances of winning a bet. If you are certain that the match you are betting on won’t get a draw, you can go for a No Draw bet and win it with your knowledge of football.

Both Teams To Score (BTTS) is an easier-to-win bet because here you need to predict whether both the contestants will score. And you can make the right prediction about BTTS by going through the track record of the contesting clubs.

Double Chance Bet can increase your winning chances to manifold. As the name suggests, here you have the option to choose two options like Team A wins or Draw, Team B wins or Draw, or Team A or Team B wins the match. The advantage of this bet is it narrows results and allows you to go closer to predicting the right outcome of a match.

Minutes To Score is also an easier-to-win bet if you can study the winning pattern and strategy of clubs you are betting on. Simply, see their records to understand how those clubs score goals. Once you have the right feel of those clubs, you can anticipate the bet. Here you will predict minutes to score goals.

Simply choosing easy bets would increase your winning chances but you need to do more than simply choosing bets.

1. Keep a record of every bet

Every bet will be a learning experience. But you need to keep and maintain a record of all bets. The data will show how many bets won, with types of bets you won most, and the profit made by winning bets. The record will give you an insight into your track record of winning bets.

2. Budget

It is the most important thing to consider. You should have a budget for betting and you should stick to the budget. Whether you win or lose, you should stop after spending the budget. It will help in reducing your loss. Also, it will keep you in the discipline.

3. Avoid emotional betting

Never become emotional about a football match as it could be detrimental to your betting interests. You could lose the bet and your money. It will break your chain of winning bets and your confidence as well.

4. Early preparation

Being a football enthusiast is one thing and becoming a successful bettor is another thing. Just like a football fan, you keep track of your favorite clubs and leagues, you should follow football tournaments for betting. You should know about the upcoming matches to get ready for betting.

5. Buy tips

Yes, you should buy football tips to win bets and it is the best way to become a winner in betting. Luckily there are tipsters you can rely upon and buy tips from. It is better to buy tips for challenging bets to ensure your win.


If you want to win every bet, you should get into discipline. You should have a fixed budget for betting and you should stick to the rules you made to win bets.

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