Most Trusted Top 10 football tipsters For 2022

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It is easier to get an edge over bookies if you join hands with a tipster and the good thing is that there are many football tipsters you can buy tips from. Also, it is better to bet with the help of tips instead of risking your time and money in betting.

Here’s a list of top 10 football tipsters you can buy tips from

Go through this list and choose the right tipster for buying tips


As expected, this site never misses a single bet. But its biggest strength is the comprehensive coverage it provides for sports betting. For example, it covers all major leagues and tournaments in football. It has a dedicated team of soccer experts that keep an eye on every piece of news related to football, clubs, and players.


Find all the winning odds at one place and get tips for every bet from simple Over/Under 2.5 goals to the most challenging like an accumulator. Also, the tips are so arranged that you won’t have any hassle in choosing the right prediction. There are many reasons to rely on this site but the biggest reason is its grip over sports especially football.


FA can help in daily betting especially in ongoing matches. If you love betting while watching the action of football, then you should visit FA. It has smart features to help bettors conveniently find tips. Its professional association with leading bookies is an indication of FA’s reliability. It is the first to get information about upcoming matches and bets.


It is an online betting guide where you can easily find reliable tips for all types of odds. It is a comprehensive guide that can help win bets and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that you can win every bet with its help. Also, you can buy tips for every sport. Presently it provides tips for 20+ sporting events.

5. Oddschecker

It has every league, tournament, and club match for bettors like you. And you will be surprised to know that it has a large following on social media. They rely on this site for tips and it is surprising to know that most of these bettors are successful punters. Today this site enjoys a wide reach across the continents.


If you check this site, you will find that it has over 20K followers on Twitter. Also, it has hundreds of regular visitors that rely on this site for tips. They rely on its predictions because its rate of success is high. Also, it covers all leagues and tournaments. You can make a successful betting career with the help of this tipster site.


Popularly known as Mr. Fixit, the site was launched in 2010 and it carved a niche for its tips within a short time. Today it provides winning tips for every bet. Its bets are well-researched and backed by data. Also, it keeps an eye on the world of sports that is always bustling with activities. And its team of experts can analyze every odd and predict the right outcome of every match.


It has a large community of bettors that rely on this site for tips. Also, it runs interactive polls and open-ended questions to win the confidence of bettors. And it covers all big and small sporting events regularly. Its experts have their hands on the pulse of the sporting world. You can enhance your winning chances and skills with the help of this tipster.


This tipster boasts of a large following on social media. Also, it has a long list of loyal bettors to take care of. Punters rely on this tipster because it provides winning tips for every odd. And it has proved its reliability many times. Bettors have tested its predictions again and again and it has emerged victorious every time.

10. BetShoot

Shoot bets with the help of this tipster. Get the right tips for your bets and make a striking career in sports betting. This site has covered all sporting events and bets. And you have many reasons to believe in its tips. It has a large following on social media. Also, uses statistical data to make tips.