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Indoor games are still popular. Also, there are more options in indoor games than ever before. People play these games during family time. These games keep people active and make indoors more enjoyable. But the biggest advantage of these activities is they build focus, attention, and reasoning.

If you play any indoor game, you will never feel depressed. Your mental involvement in the game will keep your mind de-stressed and active. Those who spend most of their time indoors must get involved in indoor games to stay active. You can choose a game from the following games.

Here’s the list of popular indoor games

RankingIndoor Game
4.Card Games
6.Snake and Ladders
7.Hide and Seek
10.Table Tennis

1. Ludo

It is a multiplayer strategy board game and is simple to understand. You will roll dice to get a number to move your tokens on the board. Starting from your house, you will move the tokens to the finish line at the center of the board. What makes this game interesting is you can cut the competitor tokens to get a lead. A maximum of four players can play ludo. The players can play individually or in partnership.

2. Snake & Ladders

Kids love this game more because of its surprises. It is a board game numbering from 1-100. It is also a race to reach the top while escaping from snake bites and taking advantage of ladders. Snakes are ladders are strewn all over the board. A snake bite will send your token to its tail but a ladder can take you to higher numbers. It is also a multiplayer game that an entire family can enjoy together.

3. Carrom

A square board of a specific size with four strike lines running parallel to the sides and holes at corners is called a carrom. You will aim for a coin and send it to the nearest hole with a hard hit. There are a total of 19 black and white colored coins and a red-colored queen. Also, you will get a striker to hit the coins. This multiplayer game can be played by four people individually or in partnership.

4. Cards

The advantage of card games is that they are more mental than physical. For example, take poker which involves making a strong hand with a series like 1, 2, 3, 4, or 10, J, Q, and K. Or you can play blackjack or baccarat where players are made to chase specific numbers. Elders prefer card games because there are more variations in these games. Also, cards can be played anywhere and anytime. In India, it is common to see train passengers playing card games to pass the time. 

5. Chess

It is a royal game that requires a strategy to beat your opponent. It is a battlefield divided into 64 black and white squares. You have an army to command and an opponent to beat. But wait before you move as the opponent could have sinister plans to lure you into a trap and capture your king. It is a mind game for which you need peace and tranquility. Also, it consumes more time due to its slow speed.

6. Business

It is a board game best suited for grown-up kids interested in understanding the basics of doing business. This game is more educational in approach as it involves profit, losses, and taxes. You will move across the board visiting different countries and take decisions according to your business acumen. Like other games, you will have competitors who will try to outsmart you. A banker will manage your bankroll and take decisions about your profit and loss.

7. Rock, Paper, Scissors

Get ready to play with your hands and win by chance or luck. A fist makes a rock, an open palm is paper, and showing index and middle finger is scissors. Rock crushes scissors, scissors cut paper, and paper covers rock. Show your hand gesture on “SHOOT” and win the game by crushing, cutting, or covering your opponent. In case, your opponent makes the same gesture, the game will be a tie. The thrill of the game is that both opponents are required to make their hand gestures at the same time.

8. Jigsaw Puzzle

Some people love playing solo. If you are one of them then you will like playing with a jigsaw puzzle. A picture or scenery is cut into different pieces and you are asked to recreate the picture by joining all the pieces. This game can be made more interesting by adding a time limit to finish. Also, you can make it challenging by involving an opponent. If you can finish the game before your opponent, you will be the winner.

9. Table Tennis

If you have some extra space at home, you can set up a game of table tennis on which you can play the game with your family. This game will keep you physically fit as it involves hand and body movement. You have a small bat and a plastic ball to hit. If the ball touches the middle line or drops beyond the table, it will be a foul. If you make a foul, your opponent gets a point. Your objective is to get the maximum points to win.

10. Musical Chair

Get ready to play a musical game with your family. Count the number of players and get chairs or stools less than one number of players. The chairs will be arranged to start. The players will move around the chairs at the start of the music and occupy the chairs when the music stops. You will be out, if you fail to occupy a chair. The game will start with the winners until all the players are removed leaving the winner.


Today video games like PlayStation and Xbox are also considered indoor games. Mobile games are also an option for indoor games. But it is only traditional games that provide family time. Also, the traditional games are available in digital format. Indoor games have been entertaining people since time immemorial and they will continue to do so in the coming years.

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