How to make matched betting safer and profitable?

We’ve a few tips for you, if you’re interested in matched betting. With these tips, you can maximize your profit without risking your hard-earned money.

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Matched betting is considered safer in comparison to regular betting but still many people burn their fingers in the safer form of betting. It is safer but there’s no guarantee of winning. You need to be careful with matched betting so as not to drown your money.

We’ve a few tips for you, if you’re interested in matched betting. With these tips, you can maximize your profit without risking your hard-earned money.

Research, research and research….Since you are new to matched betting, it makes sense to make more about these bets. You know it is safer and that people are making hundreds of pounds every month with these bets but you should know about how to be successful in match betting.

Open a dedicated betting account….  Matched betting involves money and you will certainly use multiple gambling accounts. If you use your regular bank account for matched betting, you will certainly end up losing track of your investments and profit. On the contrary, using a dedicate bank account for matched betting will help keep a tab over your spending.

Keep track of your earnings….The money from a dedicated bank account will be used only for matched betting. You will transfer some funds from your savings account to gambling account. You know how much amount you have for betting. If you earn profit, the amount will grow and reflect in your account. You can deduct the opening balance of your account from the total amount to calculate the profit earned.

Go slow…. You know how to be successful in matched betting and have opened an account for gambling but it doesn’t mean that you should go full speed on gambling. For example, you shouldn’t miss double checking everything before wagering. Matched betting is safer but it isn’t a guarantee to success. You need to be cautious with every step.

Assign a budget for matched betting….

Assign a budget for matched betting….You need money for betting hence you need determining a budget to start with. Transfer the amount with which you want to start betting to your gambling account. While you are free to play with any budget but it is better to use an affordable amount. You should keep in mind that it is just the starting and you can invest more money, if you win your first bet. It will help in keeping a tab over spending.

Don’t get enticed into marketing traps….Bookies will give offers that will lucrative but the reality is just the opposite. Like any other business, bookmaking is also a profit-making venture and bookmakers will certainly make offers to earn more profit. And they will encourage you to accept their offers. But you should check each offer to avoid those that are profitable only to bookies.

Escape gubbing….Gubbing is a term used for restrictions imposed by bookies. Bookmakers gub the accounts that they find unprofitable. They will gub you, if they find that you are beating them in their game. But you can avoid gubbing by taking steps like placing accumulator bets and avoid betting on obscure teams.

Set a goal….You transfer a certain amount for matched betting and set a goal of making a certain amount in profit. You should stop gambling as soon as you achieve the target or lose the initial amount. Take every bet as a project and start new bets as soon as project is complete.

See how others are doing….Joining a matched betting is a great idea to enhance your skills and probabilities of winning bets. There are many online gambling communities where you can find gamblers discussing matched betting. You can join their groups to know how they are doing.

Enjoy safe betting….Matched betting is safer and for this reason, it isn’t considered gambling but it is a form of gambling and as uncertain as traditional gambling is. You need to be careful about your spending so that you don’t drain your savings in betting.


Matched betting can be made safer and profitable if you can avoid mistakes. Your objective should be to prevent your investment from drowning so that you can keep playing without any worries and earn profit in the long run and without getting gubbed.