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The debate on whether it’s best to play at already established casino sites or new casino sites continues to rage on. The thing is, this debate will continue raging on considering the fact that there are some great pros as well as unfortunate cons for playing at already established casino sites as well as new casino sites. Irrespective of this however, when it comes to new casino sites, there are those that are highly recommended.

In this article, we are going to take time in sharing with all players the top new casino sites that they can join. The sites that we are going to share here are UK sites meaning the sites are well regulated and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

Without wasting much time, let’s get to see the top 8 new UK casino sites that players can start playing at:

  1. STS Casino

STS Casino is an online gambling establishment that exclusively offers its products and services to players who are based in the UK (are few exceptions are permitted, however). The main focus of this casino site is in offering great online slots cut across different themes. However, recognizing that different players do love different types of casino games, players can also enjoy other games including table and card games.

2. Matchbook Casino

As players can probably deduce from the title of this casino site, Matchbook Casino’s major focus is in rolling out sports betting services. This, essentially, meaning it functions more like a sports book. However, though this is the case, players ought to know that they will also find some casino games.

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3. BetBull Casino
BetBull Casino is an online gambling house which aims at cementing its place in the online gaming industry as a force to reckon with in no time. On this front, the casino already offers some great promotional perks which aim at attracting and retaining those players who would have registered their casino accounts

4. Space Casino

With some new casinos, their intention is clear from the word go considering the sheer amount of products and services they start offering from date of commencement. Since the first day it started operations, Space Casino offered a wide range of casino products and services ranging from sports betting, casino games, live casino games, virtuals to tournaments. This all points to one thing, this casino is aiming for the stars!

5. QueenPlay Casino

Players ought to be treated as Kings (well, when it comes to the new QueenPlay Casino – they ought to be treated as Queens). Given the Royalty status afforded to players at QueenPlay Casino, players can expect the very best when it comes to casino games offered, promotional perks offered, banking methods supported to the customer support platforms available.

7. Bet at Home Casino

While many online casino operators struggle and take time in choosing the right names for their online casino sites, one operator simply chose to name its casino site as ‘Bet at Home Casino’. This, in turn, meaning that the casino allows players to place their bets be it sports betting bets or casino games bets in the comfort of their own homes.

8. Casushi Casino

How does it feel to play casino games in the outer space? Well, many will fail to answer this question as they haven’t taken a trip to the outer space yet. Luckily for such people, one innovative casino operator through it new casino site, Casushi Casino allows players to virtually travel to the outer space. Once over there, they can start placing their bets. Eager to experience a gaming session once in the outer space? If yes, then you ought to settle at Casushi Casino.

9. Vickers Casino

Vickers Casino has just announced its entry into the UK online gaming industry. As it enters, the casino site offers one thing and one thing alone, that is, offering great slot machines to UK players. Think of any great slot you would like to play – odds are, you will find it inside the Vickers Casino lobby. Players need to note also that there are a few table games available in the lobby.


The online gaming industry is ever-expanding. Year after year, new operators enter into the field looking to win over players and offer what they term to be better products and services to those that are already on the market. The entry of new operators is something that happens across most markets including the UK market. On this front, we took time to look at some of the new entrants in the UK online gaming market and we found the eight online casinos above to be the best amongst all new entrants. Our conclusion was reached after we assessed several benchmarks which include the validity of gambling licenses they hold, the variety of games they offer, the bonus and promotional perks they offer as well as the banking methods they support.

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