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The online games portfolio is certainly bulging at the present moment. This necessitated by the sheer high number of games available on the market. Well, if the truth is said, then the online games portfolio will continue along with this trend. Why do we say so? Well, this necessitated by the fact that almost every day, one or more game developers do release new gaming titles. Amongst the thousands of games that players can enjoy online, there are those that are affectionately known as the anime themed games.

Players looking to learn more about anime-themed games as well as get to know the best and most popular amongst these simply need to continue reading this article.

What are Anime Themed Games?

First things first, what we need to do is to explain what anime themed games are. Perhaps amongst the many readers reading this article, they may be some who are in the dark as to what anime games are all about.

Anime can be ascribed to be the shorthand of animation. When the word animation springs up, many quickly associate it with cartoons. Well, in simple terms, anime games can be ascribed as cartoon games. However, when we want to get into the technical details, it’s not sufficient to ascribe anime games as cartoons.

Technically speaking, anime games are computer-drawn animation games that have an association with Japan. From the technical definition, we can see that anime games have two key concepts. First, anime games are designed by computer programs. Note however that this is a more modern concept. In the earlier days when anime games were developed, they were hand-crafted. Second, anime games have an association with Japan.

Thanks to globalization, anime games have transcended beyond the Japanese borders. Nowadays, numerous software developers in distant countries from Japan also design anime themed games.

Types of Anime Games

Anime themed games can be further classified. The classifications have more to do with what the game’s theme and plot centers around. The most common types of anime games are highlighted below.

  • Kodomo: Kodomo is an anime game whose theme centers on children. It doesn’t really matter what the children will be doing or the setting the game takes place. For as long as the dominant characters are children, then the game will be classified as a kodomo anime game.
  • Shoujo: Suppose a game is a kodomo but the children being portrayed are exclusively or predominantly girls, that game will no longer be viewed as a kodomo but a Shoujo.
  • Shounen: A Shounen game is the direct opposite of Shoujo in that the dominant characters are boys
  • Hentai: A Hentai is the adult version of anime games. When talking about ‘adult’ here, we aren’t referencing games played by older folks per se. rather, we are talking about games that come with explicit adult content that is, pornographic elements. Want to get nasty? Then the Hentai is the game for you.

Top Anime Games to Try Out

Now that we have explained what anime games are, the hope is that we are on the same page. As such, let’s proceed to highlight some of the top anime games that players can try out.

1. Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

Life sometimes can throw some real challenges which make day to day experiences quite hard. Well, when playing the Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor game, players get to meet one Japanese man who is living in the most perilous of conditions. Owing to his desperate situation, Kaiji agrees to repay a friend’s debt to the yakuza by boarding on an illegal gambling cruise. Things happen on the cruise some bad and some good but eventually, Kaiji manages to salvage his life back debt-free.

2. Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler

Schools generally tend to assess their students on subject expertise. Those who demonstrate the greatest ability in grasping and applying practically the taught subjects rank highest while those who fail ranks lowest. Well, when playing Kakeguri – Compulsive Gambler, players are virtually taken to the Hyakkaou Private Academy. The Hyakkaou Private Academy is not like any other academy however as it assesses its students against their ability to gamble. Students therefore have to demonstrate their gambling prowess at different online casinos with those who win the most being ranked the best. One such leading student that players get to meet is Yumeko Jabami.

Gambling can lead one into a lot of debt if not done with responsibility and a restraining nature. Well, this is what Nangou got to understand first hand during his gambling adventures. With a lot of debts to the yakuza, Nangou is saved in the nick of time as a fugitive by the name Akagi decides to bail him out by gambling against the yakuza’s gamblers. While Akagi successfully managed to bail out Nangou and clear the debt, things take another turn and the two men have to devise another plan. To watch as this plan unfolds, players simply have to give Akagi game a try.

3. Legendary Gambler Tetsuya

One of Japan’s legendary gamblers Tetsuya goes on a long winning streak defeating all of his opponents. Basking in his numerous glories, he fails to recognize that one thing which puts him on the path of success is as a result of the WWII struggles that many of his opponents are going through. Tetsuya in the end finally tastes defeat at the hands of Bousha-san and it is at that point that Tetsuya recognizes that he doesn’t known the game of Mahjong as he thought he did.

4. One Outs

All of the anime games we have highlighted so far have to do with the game of Mahjong – which happens to be the most popular games in Asia. Well, One Outs is a different game altogether. In a small Asian town, Toua Tokuchi is heralded as the best One Outs player of all time. One Outs is a simplified baseball game. Owing to his prowess at the game of One Outs, a group of elite gamblers decide to make Toua Tokuchi play for the weakest team and help them to glory. Will Toua Tokuchi succeed or not. Well, that’s what players need to see when they play One Outs anime game.

5. Honourable Mentions

  1. Death Note
  2. Food Wars
  3. Naruto


Q. What are anime games?

Answer: Anime games are computer made or hand-drawn animation games with origins from Japan.

Q. What are the different types of anime games?

Answer: The different types of anime games are as follows: kodomo whose main characters are children, Shoujo whose main characters are girls, Shounen whose main characters are boys and Hentai with adult pornographic elements.

Q. What are some of the top anime games to play?

Answer: There are many great anime games to play with the most popular being Akagi, Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler and Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor. 


Anime games are a special breed type of game. This necessitated by the fact that the games are able to bring out different types of emotions amongst players during gameplay including fear, sadness, anger, happiness, surprise, amusement, anxiety, confusion, frustration, and enjoyment. Owing to this, anime games are a great proposition. Available across many platforms, players won’t go through any troubles in accessing the anime games.

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