10 Factors Making Football Most Popular

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Football is the only sport that can be called a global sport. There are about 4 billion football fans worldwide, which is growing with each passing day. Football is played in over 200 countries by over 250 million players. Also, this game is becoming more and more popular day by day.

Why Is Football Becoming So Popular?

Everyone plays football and there are plenty of reasons for people liking this game over others. It is a simple game played with feet. You can’t touch the ball with your hands but can use your head and chest to control the ball. It involves actions like running across the ground for 90 minutes. Also, it involves speed and flexibility to trick others and send the ball into the goalpost.

But these are only some of the reasons that make football popular. It is indeed a simple game but marketing also plays a crucial role in making it popular. Also, there are rich football clubs that pay huge sums to footballers. There are many leagues and there is hardly a day when there is no football match in the world.

Let’s discuss the reasons that make football the most popular game in the world

1. History

Football has a rich history dating back to the ancient period. The National Archaeological Museum of Athens has an image of the UEFA European Championship trophy of c 375-400 BCE. But the first written account of a football cup is found in 1872. The FA Cup was the first football cup or it will be better to call it a pioneer of the present leagues.

Football is one of the ancient sports played in the world. Its rich history makes it popular among people of all ages. It attracts people and encourages them to know more about the game. Going by the history of football, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that it is one of the few games children get familiar with first.

2. Convenience

Fewer accessories make football a convenient game. You only need a football to play. Also, there is no requirement for specific shoes as they can be played with any type of sports shoe. Buy a ball from the market, make two teams of 11 players each, and head to a playground for a match of football. Also, you can play football even with 9 or 10 players, if you don’t have enough friends available for playing. But make sure that there shouldn’t be more than 11 players in a team. For more enjoyment, you can ask your family members to come to the ground to cheer you up.

3. Affordable

Football is more affordable than other games. A football can be bought at a pocket-friendly price and you can play with the football even barefoot. It is how children of poor countries play football close to their homes. They have little money to buy expensive sports shoes but they are passionate about the game. Also, football only needs to be inflated when you want to play and deflated when you want to store the ball. In this way, you can your football in good condition for a long time. Since it requires fewer accessories, you don’t have to worry about additional expenses.

4. Football Clubs

Considering the popularity of football, it can be said that there is a football club in every city, town, and even village. Some football clubs are hundreds of years old while others are new. These clubs organize players in teams and host tournaments to encourage more children to play football. Also, they provide children with a reason to become footballers.

5. Football Tournaments

FIFA is the biggest celebration of football in the world but it doesn’t mean that smaller leagues are lesser popular than the World Cup. For example, take La Liga which is one of the most popular domestic tournaments in Europe. Football clubs participate in domestic tournaments and earn billions of dollars. Also, they hire the best footballers to win championships.

6. Marketing

Marketing plays a crucial role in making football popular. Football clubs spend lavishly on their branding. They design attractive dresses to make their players stand out in the crowd. Also, they hire experienced coaches to train footballers. Football clubs watch players and handpick the footballers that perform well. These clubs also remain in the limelight to attract players. They promote matches and tournaments to make fans.

7. Earnings

The average earning of a football player is approximately $860,000 but top players like Cristiano Ronaldo can make up to $200 million annually. Youngsters who want to become sportspersons can consider becoming football and earn millions of dollars annually. Also, they can become millionaires at a young age. The earnings of footballers are also a reason behind the popularity of football.

8. Football For All

Players don’t need to be young to play football as people of any age and gender can enjoy the game. Since this game can be played with little money and anywhere, health-conscious folks, senior citizens, and even women can play football for health and enjoyment. You don’t have to be a career-minded person to play fifa football. If you like the game, you have many reasons to play the game.

9. Football For Fitness   

A game of football involves 90 minutes of action. You will keep running for 90 minutes and it will be a good workout. Also, you are free to run at a pace you are comfortable with. In other words, you can play football without putting unnecessary pressure on your body and mind. A game of top football club will boost your physical as well as mental health.

10. Little Training Needed For Football

In football, your prime job is to run with the ball and score goals. You need to control the ball with footwork and the good thing is that you can develop great footwork with practice. Since the game requires little training, anyone can try playing football and enjoy the game as well.


Football is becoming more and more popular because of its simplicity, convenience, affordability, and branding. Another advantage of the game is its ability to exercise the body and mind. With football, you can enjoy sports and remain fit as well.