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Aside from roulette being one of the most popular games in the casino industry, it’s a game that is full of endless possibilities. The attraction pulls to the table is strong. Players can explore hundreds of its games.

The roulette table is always surrounded by roulette enthusiasts hoping to try their luck. Roulette is one of the easiest casino play to play, and when you place the right kind of bet, you’ll have higher chances of winning.

One difference that distinguishes roulette from other casino games is that each player on the table is given different chips. It makes it easy for the dealer to distinguish between players on the table.

Roulette Table Etiquette – Joining a table

Once a player decides to join a table, he will have to wait for the dealer to be free again because they cannot play a bet on mid-spin. When it’s a new round, the dealer will give the player chips of his choice.

Nevertheless, this rule does not apply to online roulette except you’re playing live dealer games.

Always Know the Limits of the Table

Players should always do well to check the limits of the table they are joining to avoid any embarrassment or mishaps. All you have to do is asking the dealer of the table the limit before placing a bet.


Like we’ve earlier mentioned, new players will have to wait for the last round to be complete before placing bets. The dealer will also inform players when bets are no longer accepted, when the dealer has made that announcement refrain from touching your chip.

Additionally, you’re not allowed to touch the chips of any other player on the table. Any player that fails to abide by this law will be asked to leave the table.

Cashing Out

If a player intends to cash out from a table, he will have to wait until he has the dealer’s attention. If the betting round is complete, you can make your request known and push your chips in the direction of the dealer.

The dealer will then hand you regular casino chips that you can exchange for cash when you’re leaving the casino.


Roulette is a casino game that allows interaction with the dealer, unlike slot, between you and the machine. The dealers are usually friendly, answering questions of beginners and also providing guidance if the need arises. It’s a custom in most casinos that players tip the dealer, especially if a player wins big at the table.

All Table Rules

Irrespective of the table you’re in, there are certain rules and etiquette that must be followed. You should apply courtesy when dealing with the dealer and also maintain boundaries with other players at the table.

You can take a few drinks but refrain from being the drunk person at the table. It can affect most of your decisions and may also annoy other players around you.

You should also avoid being too loud or asking other players endless questions, or distracting them. If a player is found distracting others, like being drunk or talking very loud, the casino will not hesitate to ask the player to leave.

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