Great Casino Tips and Tricks on How to Deposit Less and Play More at UK Online Casinos

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When players start a gaming session playing any casino game of choice, there are two things that they will be aiming to achieve.

The first thing relates to the fun factor.

The whole essence of gaming is to have a great time enjoying one’s favorite pastime time. Fortunately for most players, most casino games do offer an incredible gaming experience that is highly entertaining and fun at the same time.

This, therefore, meaning the first thing that players aim to achieve when playing casino games is easily accessible.

The second thing that players look for when they start a gambling session is to have a long and profitable gaming session.

This however, often evades many players as they end up playing short gaming sessions which aren’t that profitable.

To help on this front, we have drafted three great initiatives that players can employ which help them to elongate their gaming sessions; enable them to reap great rewards from the gambling adventures while minimizing the amount that they part with in the form of deposits and wagers.

  • Opt for casinos with low deposit limits

Players can be categorized into three different groups that is, the low rollers, mid-range players and the high rollers. While this is a fact, the thing is, it’s advisable for one to be comfortable with being a low roller.

Playing as a low roller allows the player to risk the bare minimum while aiming to win huge. When fortune is on the player’s side, then the player can expect to walk away with fat pockets.

However, when that isn’t the case, the player will know that a new day is upon the horizon and there isn’t much to worry about as the bare minimum is the only thing lost on an unfortunate day.

 On this front, players, therefore, need to settle at low roller casinos or those casinos that are known for supporting the lowest of the low when it comes to deposits.

The information relating to minimum and maximum deposit limits can be found on the Banking/Cashier page of online casinos so players need to check these first before depositing.

One thing to note here is that different banking methods may have different set minimum deposit limits so it’s important to check all of the min deposit limits for all supported banking methods.

  • Opt for casinos offering no deposit bonuses

A gambling journey at some online casinos does not just start after the player has deposited some funds but can start even without any funds being deposited. This necessitated by the presence of no deposit bonuses.

No deposit bonuses however aren’t offered as huge amounts but just small amounts that allow the player to have a feel of the offered games at an online casino.

Though this is the case, if the player utilizes the free funds in the right way, then they can expect to earn some wins which will further enhance the funds in the casino account.

One advisable way of using the free funds is to place bets on high volatility slots. These slots do not pay often but when they do, they spit out some huge wins.

  • Scout for those casinos offering weekly reload bonuses

Another great Casino tips and tricks to use is to scout for casinos that offer weekly reload bonuses. With weekly reload bonuses, casinos do add a certain percentage on top of the amount that the player deposits.

Such a bonus may be offered weekly or on special days such as an end-of-week Friday bonus.

In perspective, what happens is that if a casino offers a 50% reload match bonus of up to $100 – if a player deposits $100, then the casino will offer on top a free $50 bringing the total bankroll to a cool $150.

There may be some wagering requirements that need to be satisfied before funds are availed so players need to be cognizant of this. 


Maximizing the bankroll is one of the things that casino players aim to do during the course of their gaming sessions. Players know that maximizing their bankroll is of critical significance as it will determine the success or failure of the gaming session.

There are different ways that players can employ to maximize their bankrolls and in this article we took time to share these looking particularly at ways that players can deposit less while giving themselves the chance to play more.