OneTouch Releases Second RNG Title Bombay Blackjack For Bombay Group

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Have you tried the latest Bombay Blackjack launched by Bombay Group? Developed by OneTouch, the leading mobile-first games developer, the game is said to be different from the classic style of playing Blackjack. The developer company is also hopeful of delivering a rich experience of playing Blackjack in a mobile environment. 

What Is Bombay Blackjack?

It is the latest in the series of mobile games developed by the leading mobile games supplier OneTouch. Created and branded for Bombay Group, Bombay Blackjack is a bespoke RNG table game offering gamblers a unique experience in blackjack. It features a sleek and elegant design that gives the feel of playing the game from a casino floor.

What Are The Features Of Bombay Blackjack?

Bombay Blackjack comes with a unique set of bets that takes both the excitement and rewards to the next level. Also, it can be called a player-centric game as it favors players in both playing and winnings. It could be unbelievable for many that it allows players to win up to 1000x their bets. Also, there are plenty of opportunities to beat the dealer. It is so designed that players enjoy both the game and winning which could be huge according to the developer.

Bombay Blackjack features two side bets – Perfect Pairs and Triple Treat – with each bet having its unique gameplay and winning amount. With this game, you can easily make a choice and enjoy the game to the full.

Perfect Pairs: Players are dealt cards by a dealer and those getting two cards of the same rank are declared winners. It is an easy game that runs faster and the rewards are given much faster. You only need to two get identical cards in your first dealing. If it happens, you are a winner. Also, you will be surprised to know that there are more chances of you winning this game.

Triple Treat: As evident from the name, this game employs three random cards. If players match their first three cards, they can win an enormous amount. The amount offered to winners could be up to 1000x of their bets. It looks strange but it is true. The casino industry has become competitive and players have become more demanding. Also, online casinos are trying their best to attract players.

The huge winning is claimed to be the first in the industry. If you bet $10 on Triple Treat and win, you could get up to $10,000 in your account. It is a big amount to claim but you can’t expect it from other games. It is only Bombay Blackjack that allows making big wins from a small amount. Also, the latest blackjack provides plenty of opportunities to beat the dealer.

What Makes Bombay Blackjack Client-Centric?

In Bombay Blackjack, five hands can be played at a time. The dealer can entertain five players. It is more advantageous for players than the casino. It is easier to beat the dealer in a five-hand game. Players can easily take advantage of more hands and try to beat the dealer to claim the big amount.

Who Can Play Bombay Blackjack?

According to OneTouch, the game has been optimized for mobile devices. Gamblers of eligible age interested in mobile gambling can easily access Bombay Blackjack on Bombay Group’s website. Also, it is available on the developer’s site.

What OneTouch Said About Bombay Blackjack?

The Head of OneTouch, Madis Raus called that a fantastic moment as the leading live casino supplier Bombay Group looked to broaden their content offering. Raus further maintained that Bombay Blackjack offered the best casino experience with simplistic yet immersive gameplay and the luxurious elements that Bombay was known for. It was the second title developed for Bombay Group.

Bombay Blackjack is the second RNG title that OneTouch has developed for Bombay Group. The first game released for the group was Bombay Roulette. It was also a unique game with a different set of features. OneTouch is also working on more RNG versions of table games for Bombay Group. Casino lovers can expect more interesting mobile games later in the year 2023.

What Bombay Group Said On The Launch Of Bombay Blackjack?

The Managing Director for Bombay Group Online, Jose Micallef, recalled the launch of Bombay Roulette while updating the media about the new RNG title. Jose Miscallef said that their earlier title was a huge hit with players all over the world. The success of Bombay Roulette encouraged them to order more RNG titles.

They were looking for another high-end classic game when OneTouch suggest Bombay Blackjack with a twin betting formula. Jose Micallef praised OneTouch for the new RNG title saying “OneTouch has done a great job encapsulating our vision and we look forward to launching more titles together this year.”

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