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Bonus Spin Xtreme is introducing a new version of Blackjack side bets to casinos soon. There are recently having a sit down on when to launch the new Blackjack side bet. However, they have already provided a preview of what the new version is going to look like.

Bonus Spin Xtreme’s previous side bet version is easy. Players are opened to an optional $5 side bet, which they can decide whether to play with or not.

The Bonus spin side bet can be won in either of these two ways:

Players will claim the wager if there are lucky to have an Ace during their first two cards. The second way is that a player needs to have a blackjack in his first two cards in the game.

When any of these two events happen, there will have to hit the Bonus Spin button, and any amount of money that shows up when the spin stops is what they win.

But when players fail to have an Ace or Blackjack during their first two cards in the course of the game, the wager will be lost. Nevertheless, they are a progressive jackpot that might occur when the game is on-going, so not all prizes are fixed.  

This is one of the simplest side bets currently in casinos. But Bonus Spin Blackjack Xtreme is about to take its side bet to a whole new level.

The new version of the side bet concept includes all table games on casino floors featuring one progressive jackpot. This new version tends to feel good for blackjack players who usually don’t hit jackpots on casino table games like Pai Gow Poker.  

The new version features three jackpot level, which is a bit complex compared to the former.

The first is the “Inner Wheel,” which reveals the prize pool for players taking on the side bet. The second section is the “Middle Wheel,” which features different prizes for specific players. Lastly, there is the “Outer Wheel,” which displays the main money to be won. 

During an interview session with CDC gaming, the senior vice president of AGS’ table games gave his comments regarding the new side bet version.

“We want to provide a platform which offers one progressive jackpot to players across table games like craps, baccarat, roulette, and the likes where a single winner will be awarded the community prize.” Bonus Spin Xtreme side bets is an opportunity for big fans of blackjack. Its new version offers the progressive jackpot features available on slot games across table games too.

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