Virginia man wins $800,000 with 160 identical lottery tickets

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It is not very usual for players to try and maximize their winnings with several identical tickets for a particular draw. To everyone’s surprise, Kwame Cross used that strategy to the extreme, and he won a shocking $800,000 with a total of 160 lottery tickets with Pick 4 draw.

It was a shocker — most Pick 4 players will leap in happiness if they won a jackpot of $5,000. But, Kwame Cross has it stands is now feeling that awesome experience 160 times over after winning a total of 160 lottery tickets summing up to $800,000

An excited Cross said in a press release. “I took notice of an address in a TV show, which was in the background, and for some reason, I can’t explain, it stayed with me. “I just had a feeling.”

After deciding to go ahead with the hard decision, Cross purchased 160 identical tickets with the same combination 7-3-1-4 on Dec.5. He made this purchase at the Rosslyn Sunoco gas station in Arlington, Fort Myer Drive, to be specific.

He learned of his massive win while he waited at a drive-thru line near a fast-food restaurant. “I said to myself. can’t be real! He told Virginia Lottery. “I had to pull over and check my phone like 82 times. It feels surreal!”  

Surreal was just the word Cross could come up with at that instant, being that Cross is still thinking about what to do with all his winnings. But, as it stands right now, the small business owner has not yet planned out what to do with his prize money.

Cross punched the guts 1 in 10,000 0dds when he matched four numbers in the same order to claim a prize of $5,000, but he did it 160 times over.

Virginia lottery holds its Pick 4 draw twice a day, one at 2 pm and another at 11:00 pm for just $1 per play.

Bury St Edmunds pair celebrate after a lottery win

People’s Postcode Lottery gave out £1,000 to two of its lucky winners.

The Bury St. Edmunds pair felt great when their postcode came out as the daily prize winner on Saturday with People’s Postcode Lottery.

Danyl Johnson, the Lottery ambassador, said: “Great news for our Saturday winners. I hope this win has lightened up your day, and you’ll enjoy spending the money.”

People’s postcode is a lottery-funded nothing less than £600 million for so many good causes in Britain.

Youth Music, one of the benefactors who have received close to £6.5 million in funding from People’s Postcode Lottery, promoted the draw.

Youth Music is a notational charity whose core focus is investing in music-making projects for kids and other adults faced with challenging circumstances.