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The lottery has a colorful history dating back to 187 BC or earlier in the Chinese Han Dynasty and it traveled all through the medieval history under the patronage of state to the modern times where it culminated in the form of 4-Digits (4D) lottery.

4D lottery

 The first 4D lottery draw was held in May 1966 by the Singapore Turf Club. It offered the first prize of S$2,000 for a ticket of $1. But it stopped in May 2004 due to the huge popularity of its sister company Singapore Pools that used computerized betting for 4D lottery.

Singapore Pools started its operations in 1986 but gained momentum due to its use of computers and got an auspicious start due to the winning number on its first draw on 31 May 1986. The winning number was 8838 and the number “8” is considered auspicious in Chinese culture. Punters welcomed this lottery system and gave it a huge business in the first year.

Method of playing

 The 4D refers to a specific number like 1234 where 4D-roll will substitute any of the digits with R. For example, R123, 1R32, 12R3 and 123R. Here R denotes any digit from 0 to 9. On calculation, it comes out that with “R” digit, a ticket actually has 10 ordinary entries like 0234, 1234, 2234, 3234, 4234….9234. If you place a system entry bet, you buy all entries of a 4D number. In 1234, you have 24 entries. In iBet, your bet price remains unchanged but you bet on possible entries of the number.

Toto lottery

 Owned and operated by Singapore Pools, Toto is the first legalized lottery launched in 1968. Also, is the second most popular lottery after 4D. Initially, it was started to control the widespread illegal gambling in Singapore but soon it became a popular legal gambling activity.

Method of playing

Gamblers get at least six numbers from 1 to 49 but the winning numbers have an additional number in addition to the six chosen numbers. A ticket with three or more winning numbers is qualified for a cash prize. The maximum allowed matching numbers are seven for which players have to buy the ticket of system 7 and above. If all the numbers of a ticket match with the winning number, it gets the jackpot prize.

Toto bets

 QuickPick: The computer randomly selects the numbers for players

Ordinary Bet: Players select their numbers

System Bet: Players choose 7 to 12 numbers from 1 to 49 numbers

System Roll: Players select only 5 numbers. Here the 6th number is a guaranteed win

Age restrictions for lottery

In Singapore, people who are 18 or above are allowed to play the lottery. But the age-related restrictions could be different in different countries. If you want to play the lottery then you should first check what is the minimum age of gambling in your country.

Q: What makes the lottery attractive?

A: Lottery provides equal opportunities to everyone. It is a game that totally depends on luck. There is nothing one can do for winning a lottery but one can remain hopeful of winning a lottery one day.

Another reason for people loving lottery is that it has multiple winners. For example, take Toto lottery that gives awards on the matching of numbers and a ticket could have 3 or all 6 numbers matching with the winning number.

Q: Is there any minimum amount for buying a lottery ticket?

A: Yes, there is. Every lottery company sets a minimum price for a ticket but the price is always kept affordable. For example, you can buy a lottery ticket at $1 price.

Q: When lottery draws are declared?

A: In lottery, draws are declared on specific days like Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And lottery companies make sure that the draws remain transparent and fair.

Q: Is online lottery different from the traditional?

 A: There is one lottery and it can be played both in traditional and online way. You can buy your lottery ticket online and check the results live on your computer screen. An online casino will help in playing online lottery.

Q: Is lottery like other gambling games?

A: No, lottery is different. It defies all rules and follows one that is luck. You choose your lucky number and forget about it.