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Gambling was not meant only for men this has been proven time and again by a handful of professional lady gamblers that decided to take gambling as a venture, made lots of cash from it and of course fame.

Some of these ladies in the past were also well renowned for their entrepreneurship skill. There managed saloons and even brothels.

Though several women are worth spotting in our list, we have decided to walk you through the most influential and toughest ladies gamblers in the past and the gambling world today.

Lady Gamblers of the Old West

  • Alice Huckert (Poker Alice)

Alice Huckert, who known in the gambling world has “Poker Alice” was born in 1851, England. Poker Alice is inarguably the most legendary female poker player of the Wild West.

She made her notorious fame and reputation from owning brothels in outlaw towns like South Dakota and Deadwood.  Alice even shot a man in one of her establishments for behaving poorly, which added to her dreaded reputation.

Despite Alice illegal businesses and dreadful personality, she respected the Sabbath day, because she never played poker on Sunday. 

  • Claudine Williams

Claudine Williams took an interest in cards right from her childhood, where she learnt almost all gambling games. At the age of 21, Claudine was already operating a gambling club in Texas.

She was also one of the very few women that operated casinos back in the 1960s and 1970s. Claudine Williams was so good at gambling that she was the first lady inaugurated into Nevada’s Gaming Hall of Fame.

Till date her holiday casino has grown into a bigger brand, which was later the foundation of Harrah’s Hotel and Casino.

  • Lottie Deno

Lottie Deno was born in Kentucky, USA in 1844. She is the only lady of the old west that lived up to 89 years. She had an excellent experience in the gambling world, raised by a father who was a racehorse breeder.

Lottie started her gambling journey, where she played poker on Mississippi’s riverboats in her 20’s before she stepped into the big games.

Lottie husband Frank Thurmond was also a wild gambler, but unlike him, she managed to enjoy countless gambling adventures and lived a long life.

Best Women Poker Players Today

  • Vanessa Selbst

Venessa is the best female poker in our world today. She is also the richest lady poker players with accumulates winnings up to $12 million.

Venessa was born in 1984 in Brooklyn, New York. She had a good education, where she attended MIT and the famous Yale University.

Her poker career is something quite interesting. Venessa had participated in 21 live poker tournaments during, where she achieved three bracelets in 2008, 2012 and 2014.

The renowned poker player has participated on World Poker Tours. She has won a handful of money finishes on final tables during her poker carrier. 

  • Kathleen Liebert

Kathleen Liebert became a popular name in the gambling world since 2002 when she won a whopping $1 million in a Party Poker Million event.

She also stepped up her game and claimed victory in the 2004 World Series of Poker, winning the $1.5 million prize and a bracelet.

Kathleen’s World Poker Tour saw her on six final tables, while her European tour delivered one money finish. She is among the Poker Hall of Fame because of her poker skill which has gotten her over $6 million in poker wins.

  • Annie Duke 

Among the most famous and skillful poker player in recent times is Annie Duke nicknamed the “Duchess of Poker”. She won the 2004 World Series of Poker bracelet which was a tournament for champions.

In our world today, Annie remains the only female gambler to have won the Heads-up Championship and ranks in the top-five richest female poker player.

Annie has written some top-rated instructional books for aspiring poker players with his expertise in the game. Decide to Play Great Poker, and The Middle Zone are some of her works.

There you have it guys, the best female poker gamblers of all time and in our world today.

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